MLPov 0.81

MLPov is a patched version of POV-Ray 3.5. It adds : This version also includes some bug fixes proposed in povray.programming newsgroup. You need the official POV-Ray 3.5 to use this patch.

Download or for other OS

Install mlpov (windows)
Uncompress in POV-Ray 3.5 directory then run /bin/mlpov.exe. Help can be found next to "IRTC Site" button. Some example scenes are added in /scenes/mlpov/

Uninstall mlpov (windows)
In your POV-Ray 3.5 directory delete /bin/mlpov.exe /help/mlpov.chm and /scenes/mlpov

You can send your comments or bug report by mail or on povray.unofficial.patches newsgroup.